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Why Saudi Mobile Show

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Why Saudi Mobile Show

We are living in an era where communication has become a necessity and there are a lot of means of communication but the most common now days are mobile phones. In today’s time, it’s very hard to find a person who doesn’t own a mobile phone. It is the easiest and simplest way to connect with others. Some years back a mobile phone was just a mean of communication but now with the latest technology we can have so many other benefits and so many useful apps on our finger tips.

And we can surly say that these small gadget has becomes a basic necessity of life.

Why Exhibit ?

As Saudi Arabia is the largest and the most stable country in the GCC region, no other country in the GCC is offering these huge opportunities for doing business and earning large profits like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia currently has around 16,400 projects running through the country, and about more than 1000 international companies working on these projects side by side with the ministries and the government of Saudi Arabia.

This event will provide a vital platform for Communication suppliers, Service providing companies, IT training institutes etc. from around the world. Saudi International Mobile and Technology Show is a platform that will brings together for 3 days the Communication industry to meet and build excellent business relationships with big IT companies, solution and security companies for Mobile and Communications for a better and strong future

And the government of Saudi Arabia is also promoting and supporting the Mobile Technology industry as Saudi government also planning for the development of this industry. Key elements of this include developing the regulatory framework to encourage the growth of Information & Communication Technology, with a focus on issues such as investment, license, Health and Safety, security, better deals etc

The Communication and Information Technology Commission released its Report for Telecom and Information Technology sector in the Kingdom by end 2017, The report includes a statement on growth of Mobile Telecommunications market.