Saudi Mobile Show

DASCO proudly invites you to join the first ever Virutal “SAUDI INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION FOR COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILE TECHNOLOGY”. The show tends to be the largest, the most successful platform of its kind. The Show aims to fascinate you with the new and emerging technologies and targeting to setup a benchmark even higher than your expectations. With the idea to provide better & bigger space to showcase, learn and discuss the latest Accessories, equipment & technology of the new era.

Saudi Mobile Show-2020

The recent pandemic outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It has adverse effect on the Global Exhibition Industry, due to which the event organizers have either cancelled or postponed their events. Many industries globally are on the verge of closure, which may eventually lead to a global economic fallout. Taking this into account our world is now trying to adapt new ways of working, considering this and the interests of our valuable and loyal Sponsors, Exhibitors, international participants, further essentially complying to the health & safety of all stakeholders; DASCO has decided to launch the 2020 Edition of Saudi Mobile Show VIRTUALLY as furtherance for the 2018-19 edition. This is going to be KSA’s first ever virtual tradeshow.

The event will give the participant a virtual experience and an exclusive opportunity to reach out to a wider audience from the comfort of their own homes. A high-level digital platform, where the sponsors, exhibitors and visitors connect with one another on the web, rather than in-person. The expo can be accessed from anywhere, as they are not limited by their geographic location, so all that’s needed to attend is a device with good internet connection. The Expo facilitates direct interactions between exhibitors and attendees with interactive features, such as Video conference, live chat, chat rooms, Q&A, webinars, webcasts and more.

Virtual tradeshow/event ranks as the 2nd most important source of information considered by big business decision-makers when it comes time to invest in new technologies. Advancement to virtual trade show have paved the way for the exceedingly popular movement towards all-virtual sales experiences. Exhibitors and event marketing professionals everywhere are championing virtual tradeshows for their relatively low costs and substantial return of investment. The ability to generate qualified leads directly from your office without having to run up expensive travel bills makes this extremely attractive. Lower barriers to entry also mean that virtual tradeshows attract more diverse exhibitors and attendees, creating massive online audiences for companies to share their innovations with.

The structure of the show includes a virtual exhibition hall which the Visitor can enter with simple registrations with their personal log in credentials from their very own drawing rooms. Exhibitors can design virtual booths. Exhibitors profile is displayed with all the products or service offerings, which is accessible to all the participants of the show. The virtual platform will be excellent way to connect and do businesses.

Visitors view these virtual trade show displays in the exhibition hall. Participants – both exhibitors and visitors – within the environment often create avatars as a visual representation of themselves. Like their physical counterparts, virtual tradeshows may have other components such as a web conference, webcast, web seminar (‘webinar’), and other educational presentations. The virtual trade fair thus provides live interactions, chats, virtual networking among participants on several levels to grow business connections.

Benefits of Virtual Saudi Mobile Show

If you haven’t considered of joining a virtual show then we think these benefits will change your mind. Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits of virtual trade show :

1. Event hosts and exhibitors save a ton on resources.

Virtual trade show events mean hosts and/or exhibitors can save a ton of money on travel, lodging, promotional items, and other costly expenses typically associated with trade shows. The reduced cost of virtual exhibiting allows many more exhibitors to participate, which increases the value of the trade show itself.

2. Virtual events bring more attendees (a.k.a. qualified leads).

The larger pool of exhibitors is only surpassed by the even larger increase in attendees. Virtual events are easier for attendees to join because there is no travel involved (particularly international) and there is no minimum space requirement, so you can fit as many as you’d like. Come one, come all, from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone. Online trade shows and exhibitions allow you to track those self-qualified leads in the following manner.

3. Big data captures information you just can’t get at physical events.

At physical event, you usually just get a standard attendance report. But in virtual exhibitions, reporting and analytics track every move attendee make. You know how they came, where they went, what they did, with whom they chatted, what they tweeted, which videos they watched, etc. The best part is, On the lead nurturing front, you can even run analytics on content located in the event. By knowing how many attendees viewed and/or downloaded a piece of collateral, you can tailor your future content and conversations around the content that your qualified leads found valuable.

4. Virtual trade shows give exhibitors increased exposure.

Virtual events or virtual trade shows have longer lifespans than their physical counterparts. Where a physical exhibition might last 3-4 days, on the other hand a virtual tradeshow can have as many live days as the organizer would like. Not only just to go live for longer days, but you can also leave the event on-demand for 30, 60, 90 days, or opt for permanent access to booths, presentations, documents, videos, etc. and your virtual exhibition online will create residual SEO for your brand and generate a substantial amount of leads LONG after the doors to a physical trade show would have closed.

5. Various forms of media enhance the sales experience.

The fundamental goal of virtual trade show is to allow for the same type of interaction that is available at traditional trade shows without the high costs of travel and purchasing trade show booths. Virtual trade shows often integrate instant messaging, seminar technologies, podcasting, and other means of communication into a single, smooth operating environment. Online shopping statistics show us that companies with strong Omni channel engagement retain 89% of their customers. For this reason, virtual trade shows are becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to communicate their messages quickly and effectively, exhibiting their innovations to mass online audiences.

6. Attendees and exhibitors engage at an unprecedented rate.

Virtual trade shows actually make it easier for attendees to interact with each other and sponsors. Attendees can now create their own online profiles, interact in event-wide group chats, and engage in value-packed conversations with other participants. Additionally, electronic business cards can be swapped with just a keystroke. Chatting with booth reps becomes a breeze with virtual because attendees feel they can ask questions uninhibitedly, attaining all the information they need without ever fearing they’ll miss a seminar or keynote speaker. All the data accrued from chats and interactions are stored in a database and allow you to better nurture your leads post-event.

Saudi Mobile Show implies to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, i.e., the Kingdom’s vision for the future of Technology. It is an ambitious blueprint setting out long-term goals and objectives. Vision 2030 aims for the development of the Kingdom’s information and communication technology sector and technology focused businesses operating in the region are well-placed to benefit from this game changing initiative over the coming years.

Please save the dates and we look forward to have your presence at this glorious show of mobile technology. For Further details and to book your space, please click here or drop us an email on [email protected]